Making My Own Almond Butter

OMG – this was the easiest thing ever. Ingredients: Roasted Organic Almonds – that’s IT! You just run them in your food processor for about 5 minutes and presto – organic almond butter! It’s super delicious and absolutely nothing added. I’m so excited! I can’t believe I had been buying this stuff in the past. No added oil, no added sugar, no more non-organic nut butters – GOODBYE! Seriously it’s easier than making toast.

I encourage you all to make it next time you want almond butter. Next – I’m going to try to make chocolate hazelnut (my own version of nutella) – this may need some sweetening, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

Seriously – try this – you do NOT have to be a good cook!


Totally worth it!

5 responses to “Making My Own Almond Butter

  1. thank you for visiting and following my blog! I tried to make almond butter today using my champion juicer. It comes with an attachment to make butters out of nuts. However, the butter is dry! I used raw almonds. what do you think? do the nuts need to be roasted?

    • I like the taste of roasted almonds.
      I think the juicer may be the reason for dryness… In the food processor the oils are released as you run it making it creamier. It still isn’t super creamy – I like it that way. You can also add more things if you want in food processor – like cacao, oil (if you really don’t like consistency), cinnamon, honey… Good luck with it!!

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  3. What type of food processor do you have? I heard that only some are capable of processing nut butters because it can take a few minutes to whip it up and you don’t want your processor to overheat. Thanks in advance for answering!

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